Saturday, June 23, 2012

Six important pressure points around the eyes for maintaining good vision

1 攢竹穴 (Cuanzhu)  -- Massaging This point will help with involuntary tear dropping, headache and blurry vision

2 魚腰穴 (yu yao)  ---- This helps preventing facial nerve paralysis

3  絲竹空穴 (si zhu kong)  -----  Prevent with red eyes, ease aching around the eyes

4  瞳子膠穴 (Tong zi jiao)   ------ Relieve tiredness, sleepiness and slow aging of the eye muscles.

5  承泣穴 (cheng qi)  ---------- Help with night blindness, shortsightedness 

6  睛明穴 (jing ming)  ------------ As the name suggested in Chinese, this is to "clear the vision", or to improve vision so to speak.

Always massage these pressure points and resting your eyes during your day, you will see difference in time. 

All the best.

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