Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reality of death

Death might be the most terrifying experience. We try to avoid thinking about it, talking about it and wishing for it. It is considered to be the ultimate demise. Not matter who you once were, how powerful and wealthy you once where, now you are just going to bones and skeletons. Phoenix is reborn from ashes, but we end up becoming ashes.

You came to this world with nothing, so you leave this world with nothing

No matter who you are, you can't choose the way you die in many cases

Nor can you choose the way you look when you die

But, you know you are not alone

Many people keep their fingers interlocked when they die, were they anxious when they die?

You used to complain about your bed being too soft, too uncomfortable. Now are you able to rest in peace?

Anywhere you went, you complained about the air, the pollution. Now, would you ever wish there could be just one more second that you could taste that air again?

But you can't. You can only rest there in eternity

Formalin can give you an eternal youth for the appearance. Maybe this is the least can be done as for compensating the loss of what was once beautiful and lively in the ever changing timeline of the universe

Now, knowing that we will all be in one of these pictures, all of the people that we care about, love will end up being dead. Even the people we hate, we hold grudges will be laying right next to us. What difference does it make whether the person was a powerful CEO, president or was a beggar? 

Isn't this powerful enough for us to start appreciating life? If we haven't been able to forgive someone, isn't death the best reason to let go and start forgiving? Isn't death the best reason for us to be more compassionate towards each other knowing what you own and who your identity is ultimately won't save you from what you will become in the cemetery? 

Reality of death is a beautiful thing, it makes us realize that it is the soul we have that matters. Everything else are just superficial. 

Enjoy living

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