Thursday, March 5, 2015

i don't know if I am confident, but I know I am the real deal

Last time I mentioned something about false confidence, which is something we see all the time. Even when a person may appear to be dominating or even abusive, it really is coming from the state of insecurity, because that person constantly needs external responses to feed to the state of 'knowing' that he is secured, the harder he tries, the less secured he feels. If you still remember the pull-up analogy that I mentioned earlier, if you have been doing 10 pull-ups per day, do you have the desire to tell the whole world that you can do 10 or do you focus more on getting yourself to do 15? If you know you are a heterosexual person, do you have to walk around and make sure everybody knows it so that your state of 'knowing' is confirmed? Therefore, if you ever catch yourself wanting to show off of something, please pay attention to where this intention is coming from. It is ok to want to be a show-off and have others praise us, but as you grow more mature and get to know yourself better from the inside, your desire of showing off will become less, that's when you know that you have come a long way in your life journey, and others will recognize that.

So when do I know that I am the real shit regardless of what others think?

Well, start convincing yourself that you are the real deal, not only by speaking to yourself in affirmative ways but also by taking actions to become the type of person you want to become, by proofing to yourself that you can set a goal and achieve it within the timeline over and over again. 

So, what are some of the goals you have that you wish to accomplish?

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