Friday, April 24, 2015

If you believe it will be done, it shall be done

Our human mind are unbelievably powerful. Therefore is nothing we can't achieve, there is only things we haven't thought of yet. 

If you look back 100 years, you will be amazed at how far our civilization has come along. The things that people deemed impossible or science fiction are now part of our daily lives. Can you imagine travelling back 20 years ago and tell people about smartphones, internets, social media and eletric-cars? People back then would've thought what you just said would make a good sci-fi topic, but there were a small group of people back then that believed what you just said can be done and they workd on it. If it wasn't because of those people who allow their imagination to flow, who allow their visions to enlighten and who continue to let their faith be their guide, our socieity wouldn't have made any progress. 

Our human mind being such powerful machine can imagine anything and anything we have imagined can be done. You know the best part of this is that you don't even need to worry so much about how to get things done. The mechanism will manifest itself on your path as long as you keep moving forward with your vision.

Therefore, what do you believe in your life?

Do you believe you can be confident (if you aren't already)?

Do you believe you can be wealthy and happy?

Do you believe you can be successful in life?

Do you believe you deserve a good relationship?

Do you believe you can win that gold metal?

Don't just keep reading about books that tells you the sky is the limit, live your everyday life and tell yourself that sky is not even the limit. Don't wonder how you can be confident or wealth, believe that you are and interact with others and the rest of the world from that place.

If you believe it will be done, it shall be done regardless how it will be done.

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