Monday, April 20, 2015

Human are made of sets of believes

I have sure you have heard of this saying that we human are made of sets of believes. Do you know what it means? Does it make sense to you to think that you are made of set of believes? 

When it comes to how the world works, how people are and how the world is treating you, I am sure you have your own opinion about all that. You won't just say things like ''Well, In my opinion, people are this and that and this world is this and that", you will simply say things like "People are this and that and this world is this and that!" This is what you believe and you make it like as if it is the truth. 

We are all trained to look for the truth, especially for things we don't understand ourselves. For example, I wonder whether people like me or not, so I can believe either way. However, what is the actual truth about whether people like me or not? What is the truth? Am I likable or not? 

You see, if we think that there has to be a objective truth out there to validate me, then it is going to be a long hard road for finding that truth. I need to interview everybody in this world about what they think of me, then I need to make sure they are all telling me with 100% honesty what they think of me, then i can have enough data to work out whether people like me or not. You see, this is almost impossible to do. Even if I could manage to do just that, I could only get people's opinion about me at that time, which does not mean it won't change later on. So if I want to make sure I am getting the most updated information about what people think of me, I need to interview them maybe twice a year until I no longer exist, and I need to make sure their opinion of me never changes throughout time, which is simply unrealistic. 

Now you see, it is impossible to find out 'the truth' in this world because we just simply can't get into other's mind and read about it. Therefore, we start creating believes about what we are based on limited information we gathered from this world. We believe we are not likable based on a few life encounters; we believe we are not good enough based on what parents/teachers/friends told us.

The real truth is, nothing is true and nothing will stay true. We are living in an everchanging world that things change from moment to moment. A person's feeling can change from one moment to the next without any reasons. Therefore, it doesn't matter what the real truth about how the world think of us, because it changes all the time. 

What really matter is how we think of ourselves regardless of what the 'real truth' is. The good news is that we can change our set of believes and hence change our lives. We don't have to focus on developing self-confidence, cultivating self-acceptiance, working on social skills, being more grateful, becoming less outcome dependent or anything else that new age gurus out there are specializing. All you have to do is to understand that your life is made up with sets of believes about yourself and the world and you have the power to change your believes. 

Just think of how you were like as a child and you are like now. Are your believes about the world changing from childhood to aduloscent to adulthood? I bet they are changing. Has your life also changed along when your believes change? I bet they are too.

So if you are wondering how to be more confident, self-accepting, social, more grateful and etc, all you have to do is to look at how you currently see yourself and how you think the world sees you. Start changing your own opinion about yourself and the rest of the world changes.

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